Lesson 12

Responding to Weak 2's Opening

We've seen how to respond to our 2 opening, but what about the other weak 2 openers. If you remember, our convention says that this will be bid if our partner has at between 6 and 10 points, has 6 of a suit with at least 2 good honour cards in that suit

So, when we see an opening of 2, 2 or 2 then we already know a lot about our partners hand.

Let's start by looking at this hand where our partner has opened with 2

Your response when your partner opens with a weak two depends as always on the shape and strength of your hand.

Our hand is pretty weak and we can't support the Heart bid, so we would pass. Let's add a rule.

0-13 HCPs and 2 or fewer cards support – PASS

How about this hand? Our partner has opened with 2

Here we can see we have 12 points and have 3 of our own hearts, plus a useful honour too!

0-13 HCPs and 3 card support – RAISE to 3 level

This is called raising to the level of fit i.e. you and your partner have nine trumps between you so it’s ok to bid to the 3 level.

But what if we have ,more than 13 points? Well in that case we can moved to Game.

14 HCPs + 4 card support in a major – RAISE to games – 4H or 4S
14 HCPs + 4 card support in a minor (diamonds) – raise to 3NT

When responding to your partner’s weak opening as above there is a fair chance that you won’t make the contract. But you’ll have stopped your opponents making theirs. Remember to look at vulnerability. Weak two openings are best used when you are NON VULNERABLE.

And if you have even more points?

When your partner has opened with a weak two and you have a strong hand:

16+ HCPs and 2+ card trump support – bid 2NT (this bid should be ALERTED)

This bid is asking your partner to describe their hand a bit more.